Association Objectives

    The Objective is to assemble companies either expanding or launching products in the anti-aging and wellness sector together to address, answer, share and provide a forum for discussion and education within this market.
    To allow ease of participation, and considering the global nature and impact of such a beneficial association to all individuals, the cost of joining is a monthly fee, to access webinars on topics designed to assist members in achieving your expansion and financial goals. This will be determined after our initial forum.
    The Rejuvin-Aging Association has an evolving cast of experts, both industry and entrepreneur, which is open, and flexible to address issues as they arise, on board to conduct seminars so you can tap into a broad base of expertise at minimal time and cost.
    Member and Associate Members consist of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, agents, retailers, etc, Spa, Wellness or Medical Spa and Holistic of Natural practitioners.