Drive Demand, Position Your Difference, Make an Impact

    There is an opportunity for companies focusing on healthy aging to gather together under an association banner and help each other solve critical issues affecting the environment for the growth of this product sector.
    The organization initially focuses on integrating the mass of participating companies to attract retail and distribution logistic suppliers. The early focus is intended to be on bringing together supply chain organizations to develop knowledge on how best to do business and gain market access. Other issues such as regulatory opportunities and threats are also opportunities that can be addressed through an iterative discussion with brand owners.
    Essentially the association would start with educational/information efforts that would assist members with getting products into the retail environment effectively. From there we will establish a work plan to address other critical issues facing the members; deliver knowledge through webinars and other electronic means. We envision an annual meeting of the members likely in conjunction with an existing events where members would normally be expected to be in attendance (for example the conference of the American Association of anti-aging Medicine (A4M)).
    The organization is intended to be a “virtual” association using technologies for web-based seminars and other electronic means of sharing and communicating amongst the member community. Members will create the association that they believe fills important business needs.