Founding Board Member and Chair

    Christine Pemberton

    Christine is an expert at building businesses, expanding reach, sales, demand, compliance programs, recognition, and raising awareness. She has over twenty four years experience in entrepreneurial ventures, as well as traditional corporate responsibilities within the healthcare industry; Rx, OTC, NHP, and consumer brands/cosmetics with proven performance, and health oriented. She is Founder and President of Maia International Inc, a consulting company that assists companies in new business development, sales, marketing, branding, market presence, PR, social media, Go to Market Strategy development, tactical planning, regulatory and overall brand positioning. Maia International also governs over distribution and agency roles to assist in global distribution, sales and representative presence. Areas of concentration include OTC, NHP, ethical cosmetics, natural, organic, and working with Doctors, ND’s, Homeopaths, Med Spa’s, Spa’s, and established re-sellers and distributors. Most recently she is assisting multiple companies for regulatory, branding and social media/demand generation, positioning and expansion. Christine also has extensive experience in management consulting through both Life By Dezign Inc, and previously Pangaea Holdings Inc both of which she founded, managed and in operation today in the pharma sector.
    She began her career in the Health Sciences responsible for developing and marketing the services of VAMP Research, a small UK based primary research and data management company. VAMP Research, which developed out of VAMP Health, a software company that serviced NHS GP’s, began collecting and collating data to promote a valuable database to healthcare customers. Her expertise is working with small to medium sized businesses and turning profits.
    Subsequently, she spent several years with Dun and Bradstreet, first in the UK, responsible for International Marketing and Global Corporate Communications, then with IMS, a division, in Canada both in account management and new business development capacities. In the latter, Christine was successful in penetrating new market sectors and developing client tailored access via customization.
    Christine was also founder of Panacea Partners Inc, a consulting company that provides a range of services to the healthcare, consumer brand, and alternative markets in the areas She was also previously the founding Partner of Pangaea Consultants, Pangaea Trade and Logistics, and other divisions based in Canada which still operate today. Her prime areas of focus include business advancement, marketing, and brand development in the business sectors of OTC, consumer brands primarily skin care, pharmaceutical, and herbal. Christine is a graduate of the University of Toronto, a long time member of the International Who’s Who’s of Professionals, Member of Marketing Canada and a previous board member of the Ontario Pharmaceutical Marketing Association. She has produced several publications.

    Co-Founder and Board Member, and Director of Knowledge, Network and Meetings

    David Skinner

    Dave is a biochemist working in the Health Care field. After having received a B.Sc. (Hon.), he began his career conducting laboratory research for the International Joint Commission prior to an appointment to the National Research Council of Canada. He spent his early career conducting practical research.
    In 1979, Mr. Skinner was invited to join Consumer Health Products Canada (formerly NDMAC) with Scientific and Regulatory Affairs responsibilities. From 1983 until 2013, he held the position of President for this National Trade Organization. He has published research papers in a broad range of periodicals and has served on several advisory committees to governments, including Federal Committees to develop National Health Care policies. He has been involved in major health care reform initiatives such as Provincial Health Commissions, Dr. Gagnon’s review of Drug Regulatory Reform, Public service management audits and the National Advisory Committee on Natural Health Products.
    Current Appointments Include:
    Principal, Heuristix Consulting
    Mr. Skinner has previously held appointments as Board member for the World Self-Medication Industry; Most recently past member with the United States Pharmacopoeia, and Food Expert Commitee, Member, Program Advisory Committee for Natural Health Products; the Ontario Provincial Pharmacy Advisory Board; Advisory Committee to the Minister for International Trade; Co-Chairman, Management Advisory Committee to the Assistant Deputy Minister of Health; Management Advisory Committee for the Natural Health Products Directorate; Editorial Advisory Board, Canadian Pharmaceutical Association; Advisory Committee on Natural Health Products; the U.S. Centre for the Study of Aging; Technical Advisor to the Addiction Research Foundation; Senior Management Review Committee (Health Canada); Canadian Standards Association; Director, Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board; a Founding Director of the Canadian Electronic Data Interchange; Industry Liaison Committee for Natural Health Products; member, Management Advisory Committee for the Natural Health Products Directorate; and, Director, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy.

    Board Member

    Giora Shavit

    Giora is a consummate entrepreneur with an extreme passion for natural based, scientifically validated products that are proven beneficial. He is co-founder of INCI Medica and overseas their many brands on an international level, constantly striving to reinvent and launch products in niche areas that meet an inherent need. They must be natural, an NPN based (Canada), scientific, and support well-being and the bodies inherent lines of defense or support the natural healing process of the body. His role is to assist in launching brands that are shown to rejuvenate, renew, replenish or culminate in maximum benefit to all audiences, including the consumer, patient, caregiver.

    He has a Masters degree in Professional Communication, and in Health Management. In the last 25 years he has developed over 200 products in the field of professional make-up , skin care, paramedical products, and most recently NPN – Natural Product Numbered products. Giora has expertise and knowledge in the areas of manufacturing processes, formulation, implementation of new raw materials, launch and partnerships.

    With regards to background history that influences his involvement in the alliance and current purpose;  Giora is a “natural” as board member of the Rejuvin-Aging Alliance as in his daily pursuit he strives to bring awareness, education, ethics, standards to the well-being market. A personal mission is to support and to launch innovations in the field of rejuvenation and well being. He is an individual with strong ethics regarding natural or minimally processed finished goods, demonstrates loyalty, and outstanding integrity and, strives to meet country and individual standards.

    Board Member

    Prof. Dr. Anjael Hebron

    Anjael is an International Medical graduate with an earned B.Sc, M.Sc & Ph.D as well as being an Canadian D.O, Doctor of Natural Medicine. A member of various Canadian, American and International Health organizations and is very well versed in the art of complementary / alternative health care field. He is a ex Martial Arts Grandmaster who utilizes Oriental Tao Yoga and internal healing based on ancient Asian and Middle Eastern origins. He is also a respected member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine-A4M. He began his career as the head of International private independent researchers Org for ancient medicines in 1996 and head of International students for New Earth College of Canada in 2004 and is the acting President for Doctors of Natural Medicine Movement (EBNMP) Canada. He also serves as the Chair of EBNMP National internal Regulatory affairs. He is the Chief Scientific Officer & Advisor Research for New Earth Nutraceutical Corp Canada(2014). Designated Board member of Rejuvin-Aging Alliance (Global) as Head of Regulatory affairs advisory panel & Chief master formulator.

    Prof. (Dr). Anjael Hebron is a prolific pioneer / inventor of several new concepts and paradigms in natural Complementary health care-Founder of Audio Braintainment Psychotherapy as well as continuing pioneering research work in various other fields engaged in active clinical practice serving rural Canadians & Canada as a hard core patriot.